Saturday, March 28, 2009

Higher Ground Parties Part I: Winter's a Drag Ball

Around Valentine's Day, I had been couch surfing in Northampton, staying with people in Tyler primarily. When it came to V-Day weekend, I was a single curmudgeon who did not want to do anything until a new friend invited me to spend the weekend with her in Burlington, Vermont and go to a drag ball. This seemed preferable to staying at Smith and I was ready to go exploring beyond Western Mass. She took me up to Burlington on Friday afternoon and I fell in love with the mountains on the drive up. On Saturday morning, we wandered around downtown and I thoroughly enjoyed the city. On Saturday night, the drag ball happened. Above is Kristina dressed as a drag queen--and because it's Vermont, she needed to try the outfit with snow boots.

Grease, Brokeback, and the prom, oh my!

I decided that I was James Bond. Thanks to Meesh's contribution of suspenders and a bow tie, my tux jacket totally became a tuxedo! Good thing I was dressed as James Bond because I needed my stealth skills for a bit of light breaking and entering that night.

Chin-dancing! When we got to Higher Ground for the party, we wandered around the venue and eventually found our way into the little room where they were actually playing dance music.

So we danced.

No, seriously, my only dance move is to turn my head at oblique angles.

I wonder what's going on to the right.

Introducing: The Breadwinner! On our way back into the big room because the little room was full, Meesh ran into her friend from camp whom she hadn't seen in many years. "Take a picture of me and Chuck!" was my introduction to the Breadwinner.

James Bond meets Brokeback Mountain.

Those fish were actually coming from a drag queen's 3-foot-tall head piece. Those of us under 5'2" kept getting fished in the eye all night. Aforementioned drag queen also had a knack for finding my ankle with her stilettos.

Sometime around now, I went into the bathroom and saw a woman I assumed was dressed as/looked like Alison Bechdel (only my favorite writer ever whom I saw speak at Smith once but was too fangirl nervous to actually ask her about why when she changed publishers, her books went from HQ to PN, which implies a de-queering, in my opinion). I made a dumb joke to her about the lack of toilet paper. So dumb, in fact, that I have erased it from my memory, I just know that it happened. She smiled and washed her hands, then left the bathroom. Later on, I found out that she was at the drag ball (a post on her blog which she has mysteriously deleted). Which means that I said something stupid to Alison Bechdel. Alas.

I spent a lot of time imagining what I must be saying or explaining in this picture. "Ya see, first ya take it by the tail and, are ya' followin' me?"

And the rest is history.


Anonymous said...

LoC puts HQ as "The Family/Marriage/Women"... (which is a CRAP category title) and the PN bit she's in is with all the other graphic novels that talk about all sorts of different subject topics.

I don't think it's an issue of dequeerification as much as it's an issue of whether we ought to classify graphic novels in their own little section of the already massive PN, or if we ought to put them wherever they would be if they didn't have pictures. On the other other hand, since most of them are fiction, it wouldn't be much of a difference, they just would end up in a different area of P.......... *shrug*

The Breadwinner said...

the best love story in history in fact! :) love you and will work hard to make bread so you can make bread~ xoxo