Monday, April 20, 2009

A Most Productive Day!

This morning I got up and ate breakfast while watching last night's Desperate Housewives. I finished off the show while working on a knitting project that I was afraid would fall to the bottom of my stash as yet another UFO. I checked for jobs and found some new potential summer employers (if they're hiring). I showered and went to tackle the kitchen. I did the usual: dishes, counters, stove top, fridge, and swept. Since Monday is Mopday, I bleached and mopped the floor. Next, I tackled the same in the bathroom and scrubbed the toilet. I picked up the living room and bedroom then vacuumed. I started the process of taking down the Christmas Tree (apparently we decided that since Jesus has risen, we can put away the tree). I printed out some recipes that I use all the time, cut them to card shape, and laminated them.
I'm taking a break to continue knitting then I'm taking the sewing machine to the shop, climbing, and coming home to make dinner.
Tomorrow is Tuesday, the day I usually soak the aluminum rings below the burners and lift up the stove top to clean inside. After that, I'll handwash the rags and finish taking down the Christmas tree. Hopefully, I'll pick up the sewing machine and start work on new pillows.

Again, I say, anyone who thinks being a homemaker isn't a full time job has never done it.

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